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Fiorina Joins the Koch-heads. Ka-Ching!

a name that’s becoming as ubiquitous in dirty oil politics as Coke
cans are in greasy spoons. And it’s pronounced like the soft drink, but
spelled Koch.

The New Yorker definitively exposed the gas and oil tycoons known as the Koch brothers. But who are the latest Koch-heads to wear the brand with pride?

•   Carly Fiorina
•   The Tea Party
•   The Proposition 23 campaign

Fiorina: The California Senate candidate recently
aligned herself with the dirty-energy brothers by ramping up her
courtship of the Tea Party in  Northern California and the Central Valley. She also just gave a  mealymouthed endorsement of Proposition 23, the California ballot initiative aimed at killing the state’s climate-change law, known as AB32.

In return, Fiorina is getting some ka-ching from Koch Industries. The company is listed as a host of a  fund-raiser for her at Republican senatorial campaign headquarters in D.C. tomorrow.

Tea Party: The recent New Yorker expose´
by Jane Mayer put David and Charles Koch on the political map by
uncovering their early and continued funding of Tea Party organizations.
In fact, the piece makes a good case that the Kochs invented the Tea
Party movement.

Proposition 23: The Kochs’ $1 million contribution
to the Prop 23 campaign aligns with their oil interests, and their
ferocious denial of global warming. They’re longtime and usually unnamed
funders of the climate-change denial industry, according to a Greenpeace report a few months ago.

All of this helps explain why Tea Partiers were out the other day supporting
poor little Valero, the Texas company (and owner of two of California’s
dirtiest oil refineries) that’s the top funder of Proposition 23.

So the Koch-heads among us are now visible, even if it isn’t always stamped on their foreheads.