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The most emailed story on the LA Times website right now is this Steve Lopez column, "It's Funny What Passes For Offensive," about how Mercury Insurance pressured CBS Outdoors to pull down Consumer Watchdog's billboard mid-contract but a few blocks away there remains a 10 story high Absolut Mango advertisement presenting a va-jay-jay.

What is more obscene? Mercury's claims handling practices -- see the evidence here -- or a vodka company's towering rendition of the vagina?

CBS Outdoors today received this letter from Consumer Watchdog's lawyers demanding the restoration of the billboard, per our contract. Consumer Watchdog has also started a new Facebook campaign, showing pictures of the Mercury Billboard at famous venues across the globe and requesting captions from the public. You can participate here by clicking on a picture and adding your own caption.
And if you know a Mercury Insurance policyholder, please pass on the warning.