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In case you missed it --

Former governor Schwarzenegger was just fined $30,000 by the FPPC for illegally funding advertising for a budget fight with money he raised in unlimited amounts from corporate donors to his California Dream Team ballot measure committee. Consumer Watchdog sent a letter of complaint to the FPPC in July of 2009 about Schwarzenegger's improper use of campaign funds. The Democratic Party also submitted a complaint.

Consumer Watchdog applauds the FPPC's action - but it comes two years too late to stop former Governor Schwarzenegger's misuse of ballot measure committees to circumvent campaign fundraising limits.

Click here to read Consumer Watchdog's complaint to the FPPC.
Click here to read the FPPC enforcement decision.
Click here to read more about the FPPC regulations that prohibit use of ballot measure committee funds for issues not related to ballot measures.