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We know Arnold loves to see
his name in lights. He'll have the opportunity to see his name in the
sky as well as he barnstorms the state this week raising $50 million in
campaign cash to fund ballot initiatives that largely help his big
industry donors.

Yesterday nurses, students and consumer activists showed up at the
gates of Arnold's Brentwood estate before a Super Bowl Sunday party
with an airplane toting a banner that read: "It's no party for nurses,
patients and students --" They were turned away by the
CHP, who called in LAPD reinforcements, before they got to Arnold's

Maybe he'll get the message next time. As the gov fundraises this week
across the state, Arnold will have a lot of people's heads turning...up
to the sky, that is.

Watch these two short videos of the first of many air strikes as
QuickTime movies below, and spread the links to your friends. And, if
you're in Arnold's path any time soon, read the writing in the sky. We
hope Arnold will.