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Arnoldwatch has learned that
insurance company executives will have to testify under oath in the
state senate -- risking perjury -- about their companies' role in the
workers' compensation crisis. In order to hear the truth firsthand,
Arnold should attend these Senate hearings because the unusual step of
conducting them under oath means executives will not be able to
misrepresent the cause of skyrocketing premiums without consequences.

Legislators should ask the executives about the role of their
investment losses, their claims histories, their pricing practices and
recent insurer profit upturns associated with the skyrocketing rates.
In Florida, the legislature swore malpractice insurance executives this
year only to find that they had been deceiving the public about their
profitability and that the causes of Florida's medical malpractice
crisis were not what they had previously stated. To read about the
revelations in Florida, go to