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Adam - Lake Elsinore, CA - Amazon is charging for returend items months later

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Billing Errors

I am not really sure how to go about this but my wife manages our Amazon account and she has noticed that Amazon has charged us at least four times now for items we have returned. We follow Amazon's return directions. We receive our refund days after we send the item back. Months later we get an email saying they never received the item so they charge us again. My wife and I order from Amazon a lot so when we received the emails stating the return was never received and we would be charged again, it was titled almost like a normal order so it can easily be overlooked. So far we have been able to identify these charges and get our refund. I am writing you because this seems like Amazon is using the tactic to rip people off. Looking at the Amazon website under orders, it states on the return items when the refund was first issued but says nothing about being recharged. This seems like a dirty trick to charge unsuspected customers. The most recent incident my wife had to deal with was a few days ago when she noticed we got charged for a return item that was sent back and refunded months ago. This time we had no email saying we were going to be charged again. The Amazon representative said an email was sent out and the charge was a "glitch in the system". When my wife told her we never received an email she tried to claim again that an email was sent out. Once my wife got off the phone with the Amazon employee, we then received an email saying the item was never received and we would be charged again. Because of this last situation my wife and I looked back at our orders and noticed we had been charged again back in May ,2017, for an item that was sent back. This is becoming to suspicious so I decided to report Amazons actions to a consumer watchdog group. This seems to frequent to be system errors. This seems like a scam tactic Amazon is using to take peoples money when they least expect it. Thankfully, my wife has been on top of our orders and we were able to claim our refunds; however, for other people who have hectic lives and use Amazon frequently, they probably do not realize Amazon is discretely taking their money they thought was already refunded. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information. My wife and I have been pretty loyal Amazon customers but with all these sneaky charges, we felt we need to speak out. If it is happening to us, it is happening to others. Thank you, Adam