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Barbara - Houston, TX - AT&T -- unable to communicate

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Greetings, I hope your day is going well. I would appreciate your assistance or advice on the matter in the attached letter to ATT, that affects not only me, but thousands of ATT customers. Ask anyone and you will either hear they, or a family member, has a horror story to share, of stolen time, money and good humor. ATT has gotten bolder with time. Its website is smoke and mirrors and you can spend hours on the phone with polite telephone representatives that patiently listen to you and politely converse with you, but have no power or authority to remedy the situation, therefore transfer you to the next representative in another country. This is a smoke and mirrors strategy, the idea being you will eventually tire and give up, because success is nowhere in sight. Pity the poor ATT representatives who, for eight hours (or more) per day, are tasked with this unrewarding, overly depressing job. Wasted hours spent, and feeling so victimized is distressing and depressing, taking a toll on one’s health and emotions, and can spread onto friends, family and co-workers as well. Treating people this way, much less customers, is reprehensible. There are just too many of us being robbed of our valuable time and good temperament. Moreover, even on a good day, ATT is not worth the money. My “hi-speed Internet” is snail-paced and the Direct TV loses its signal it rains, not storms, just rains, and I live in the center of town. I appeal to you to lend me the benefit of your knowledge and experience. How can this giant be stopped from taking advantage of an unsuspecting public? The sooner it is outed, the sooner it will be forced to institute reform. Is there any legal action to be taken? Much of ATT’s strategies are immoral if not unethical. Surely it is held to some standard? I do not speak only for myself, I am outraged for all ATT victims. Something must be done to force ATT to reform. Please assist in aid or guidance. Thank you for your time. Most sincerely, Barbara