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Cruz - Whittier, CA - Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park, CA - Medicare Fraud

Companies Involved: 
Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park, California
Issue Area: 
Heath Care

Please forward the following to the OIG: I have been attempting to report Medicare fraud involving expensive medications to the OIG, via https://forms.oig.hhs.gov/hotlineoperations/report-fraud-form.aspx. But it appears that this website is either not functioning or it has been designed/setup to discourage victims of such fraud from submitting reports of such fraud. On 8/22/2017 I submitted the report to this agency but the report might not have gone through because in this instance I failed to indicate on the last required step whether files were attached or not attached and upon clicking SUBMIT the site displayed "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: address" and I did not get a Thank You or a Case/Report number. So on 9/6/2017 I tried to once again submit the report and in this instance indicated on the last step of the report process that NO Files Were Attached. However once again upon clicking SUBMIT, the website displayed “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: address “, this display once again indicated to me that my report did not go through. The following is my submitted report: The fraud is related to Rx# 123010478997, Dated 05/13/16: Kaiser Permanente doctors gave me Hepatitis C (HC) and God knows what other diseases through contaminated blood transfusions during a heart bypass surgery on October 28, 1985. From March through June of 2016, I received treatment for HC through Harvoni pills which cost about $1,000.00 per pill. When I picked up the last prescription for Harvoni, which is dated 5/13/2016 at Kaiser Permanente's 24-hour pharmacy that is located in the Baldwin Park Medical center I asked the pharmacy clerk to open the prescription bottle and to count the pills in my presence. When the clerk emptied the bottle on a tray he and I noticed that one pill was cut in half. The clerk had the nerve to ask me if I wanted the missing half pill. I replied "of course, that half pill costs $500.00." The clerk left the counter and spoke with a pharmacist who came to the counter and told me that the half pill would be removed and replaced with a complete pill. Upon taking the pills I found that the prescription was short by one pill. Please investigate if other patients are also being short-changed because such a scheme would be defrauding Medicare by millions. It would only take the loss of one half pill from 2,000 patients or the loss of one pill from 1,000 patients to cause a fraud of $1,000,000.