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Consumer Complaint

Daniel, Phoenix, AZ: Medical billing company, Sound Physicians, lying to collect from consumer

Companies Involved: 
Sound Physicians, Sound Inpatient Physicians Inc.
Issue Area: 
Heath Care

For starters, Sound Physicians was caught overbilling government healthcare programs, submitting inflated claims to make more money from government programs like Medicare. Link from DOJ below: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/tacoma-wash-medical-firm-pay-145-million-... My issue began with a dog bite in May of '16, which led to me being seen in an ER at a Phoenix area hospital, named Abrazo. Since I'm a retired vet, my healthcare goes straight through the VA. The hospital/billers failed to file all of their claims with the VA within the 90 days set out by law, whereas if they did, they would've been reimbursed. Throughout the last several months I've spoken with various people in the VA and Sound Physicians. I learned that whenever the VA Payment Center in Montana would send the billing company a denial letter (for not having filed within the 90 days period), I too would get a copy of the denial letter. I have a denial letter from 12/27/16 stating one of the claims will not be reimbursed. Sound Physicians noted on 12/30/2016 that they had not heard back from the insurer as to why they haven't been reimbursed yet, and sent me a bill on 1/1/2017. They claimed, on the phone, not to have heard back from the VA at all, and that I should contact the VA to sort it out. I emailed them a photo of the denial letter they claimed not to have and am waiting for them to call back. Also, they're in the habit of sending out bills to people even though their records indicate that their insurer has already sent payment. They claim a computer sends the bills out, and that they have no control over the matter. It would seem to me that this is a handy way to double, or at least increase, the amount of money made on an already resolved claim. I also have a couple call recordings from when we talked on the phone, and will keep recordings from any more calls I have. Everything about my dealings with this company seems to indicate these people are at best grossly negligent, or at worst predatory and deceitful. I'm also considering filing a complaint with the AZ AG's office over the matter.