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Darci - Grand Prarie, TX - DirecTV NEW FRAUD ALERT!!! 2014

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Billing Errors

Direct TV has found a new and sneaky way to fraud customers. My current May 2014 bill contained 5 movies that I didn't recognize. The dates attached to the movies were in the future...last of May and June. Month and day only- no year. I called to inquire. I was told that the movies were from 2011. I had mailed back an old receiver in January 2014 and they "scanned the card" and saw that I hadn't paid for the movies. So they added five movies from three years ago to my current bill.(with inaccurate dates and no explaination) They said they had no idea that I had ordered them until they read the card in the receiver! What a crock of poo. Another lying, scheming way to get money out of customers. Read you bills carefully! I reported this to the California Attorney Generals Office, and BBB. How can a technology driven corporation like Direct TV say that they do not know when a customer has ordered a product from them? What business since does that make? So they have to wait until everyone turns in their receivers to get paid for movies? Ridiculous. They truly are unethical thieves.