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Darek - Ormond Beach, FL - Google Wallet Account Verification

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Billing Errors

In order to continue usage of my Google Play account, and all the applications previously purchased Google Wallet is requiring copy of my private information. This information has never been required before , and only showed up after I have made substantial investment of time , and money in the purchase of applications. At this point Google does not let me apply Google play gift cards to my account , and forces me to send private , and sensitive information to the company. I have purchased the device (phone) with the expectation that I would be able to purchase additional software for it. Leaving the device useless to me at this point. Here are the listed information requirements: One non-expired government-issued identification One billing address verification document dated within the last four months and containing the same address on file in your Google Wallet account (if you can’t remember your billing address on file or had multiple on file, use your most recent home address)