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Doreen - Romulus, MI - The Hartford Car Insurance Installment Fee

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I moved from Florida back to Michigan when my husband died last year. We had Hartford car insurance through AARP. When changing my plates and insurance, I thought I would stay with Hartford since it seemed a good deal in Florida. We only paid about $50.00/Mo. I knew Wayne county Michigan would be more, but $200.00 more??? I was quite irritated with the lady I spoke with, too. She kept insisting I needed to put my daughter, her husband, and my grandson on the policy. I told her I didn't think this was true since they all had their own cars and insurance already. She insisted, but said if I signed something she could take off two, but I would still have to put my daughter on mine. (I'm living with them temporarily.) I was told the payment would be $265.60. My second bill came with a higher premium: 272.34. That is both a rise in premium and an installment fee. I feel she should have told me UP FRONT about any fees to be added. I also don't understand how it's okay to raise the premium, even if just a few dollars. I am so disappointed in Hartford. I feel this lady scammed me. Thank you for watching out for the elderly and uninformed.