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Fred - Royce City, TX - FEMA'd

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I am hoping someone will read this, and can feel the sense of hopelessness I and many like me feel about how we have had our American Dream FEMA'd. I am not referring to their slow payment of relief funds, or their slow response to needs. Those have been all over the news since Katrina. I am talking about how they are negatively contributing to one of the most critical challenges to our economic recovery. The systematic rezoning of land all over the country, placing home owners in flood zones, with no statistical or historical data to support the changes. My wife and I are but one of thousands, and I dare say, possibly millions of homeowners who have had their homes devalued and thrown into potential financial straights, by the arbitrary rezoning of their and their neighbors homes. This alone would not elevate this issue to a national stage, if it weren't for the fact that FEMA is also the manager of the National Flood Insurance Program. If a private sector company were managing their own insurance and could arbitrarily mandate people to purchase it, we would have them labeled with the ENRON's and Bernie Madoff's of the world. These rezoning decisions are not made by actual survey's, tracking of historical flood data or in conjunction with local engineers. They are typically done by computer model and are subjective. We have government officials making subjective decisions, where their agency has a monopoly, which is impacting the bedrock of the American Dream, homeownership. We were impacted directly and have spent money to try to disprove FEMA's rezoning. We now live in a home that was well above the flood elevation for the past 50 years, but now have a home that is 3 feet below the new map, with no history of flooding. This alone did not stir me to write, but finding out how encompassing the rezoning has impacted all areas of the country. How can this be positive for us to improve the housing market? Severely downgrading the value of millions of homes, based on subjective decisions, made by those who benefit the most. I wonder why this has not been a real talking point during this election year. It is terrible to see all those who have lost their dream due to the subprime and the collapse of the housing market, but to watch our government, who is suppose to service us and project us, drowning the American Dream makes it hard to feel hopefull. My wife and I have done our part, paid our taxes, contributed to society and we feel we have been let down. I only can hope someone is listening. thank you.