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HSN and WFCB assessing late fees illegally

Companies Involved: 
HSN and World Financial Capital Bank (WFCB)
Issue Area: 
Billing Errors

I have an HSN credit card with which I purchased a steam cleaner on the Home Shopping Network a few months ago. I have good credit and when I make a payment, it is typically nearly double the minimum payment. I sent my last two payments 8-12 days prior to the due date and have been assessed $25 late charges in both cycles. The payment is mailed to San Antonio, TX, from Albuquerque, NM, and I find it nearly impossible to believe it would take longer than a week to reach WFCB. The first time this fee was charged to my account, I called Customer Service to complain about the late fee and it was taken off. I made sure I sent the next payment well in advance of the due date and was shocked to see a late payment fee assessed on my next bill. I was curious to learn if other customers are having this problem and searched the internet and found a forum within HSN's own site where many customers are complaining about this very same issue: http://forums.hsn.com/hsn_postsm321228_HSN-card.aspx I have contacted the company a second time about the late fee and was told I have to submit a dispute to their office at WFCB, P. O. Box 182620, Columbus, OH 43218, and I intend to do so. Once I pay off the balance on this account, I also intend to close the account. Are you aware of problems with this credit card company, and is there something that can be done about it? Any help would be appreciated.