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Jeff - Verona, WI - Firestone auto repair fraud issues

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I have just read about 20 Firestone locations in California and their alleged fraud. My wife and I have been using Firestone for about 6 years now. and we have been charged around $10,000 in work, including tires twice. Every single job they have done for us has had to be redone and now another job they have done for us needs to be done again. There have been many occasions where we have brought our vehicle in and they have, at first told us it was something minor but it always ended up turning into something major. Before taking my wife ever took her vehicle there the vehicle ran great in all aspects. We have continued to use Firestone for one major reason. We have a credit account with them and I am disabled and can no longer work on vehicles. I am a broken man of late due to several medical issues. The last work they did on our vehicle was the rear brakes and also told us that the rear axle was broken. When they showed us the part it looked as if someone had taken a hammer it to break teeth on a gear. I used to work on vehicles a lot and the damaged did not look like wear and tear damage. They did the rear brakes and then had to re-done them less than a year later and never reconnected the E-brake. Every time we call them now they do not answer the phone and we have even gone to their location and asked to speak to the manager but he is never there when we come by. We have left several messages and still have not been contacted back about fixing the issues. We cannot even download our service records from their website anymore. I have tried for well over a year and a half now. PLEASE HELP