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Jim - Elizabeth, CO - Verizon wireless misleading on billing

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Verizon Wireless
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I joined Verizons unlimited plan in April of this year. I was quoted 165.00 per month all in with taxes and fees for my service. My bill came and it was over 200.00 twice. I called in each month. They gave me a 35.00 credit for each month, apologized and said they would continue the credit for each month because they had misquoted me. My next bill came and no credit. I called in again. They said they had no notes of that agreement and did not see a reason that would warrant any credits. I did not record the earlier conversations as I trusted Verizon to not mislead me. I am a long time customer. I then simply asked if I could leave my plan and go elsewhere as they had misquoted me. They said no, I would have to pay more fees to leave. So no credit for misquoting and I'm held captive by a contract that has no agreement on costs. I do not want to do business with companys that lie and cheat there way to success, but now I can't go. Help me. Verizon takes no responsibility for misquoting, I was told it wasn't done intentionally so they are off the hook. So to speak.