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Judy - Azusa, CA - 21st Century Insurance Prop 103 - Redlining

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21st Century
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I want to know if 21st Century is indulging in "redlining." I recently moved from Sierra Madre, CA, to Azusa, CA, and my auto insurance premium immediately went up. When I called the carrier to inquire as to why, I was told that my rates went up because they had experienced a higher claims payout in the last many months in Azusa as compared to Sierra Madre. Nothing else has changed except my ZIP code: 91024 to 91702. Same me, same car, same garage protection for the car at night. I have to say that the carrier's explanation sure sounds like redlining to me. If that is the case, they need to be called to account and go back to my earlier premium ($80.50/month instead of the new $86.00+/month). I could just change carriers, but that doesn't solve the problem if they are in fact practicing "redlining." The company is now owned by Farmers', whose home office is not in California, so perhaps someone in the main office is messing up due to not knowing about Prop 103. I need to know what to do about this unsupported premium increase and if my only recourse is to change carriers. I have an email payment reminder from them if you need to see it. I can either scan it and save it to my computer or just forward their email to you. Please advise.