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Marc - Spring Hill, Fl - Tower Hill Insurance - Won't fix sinkhole

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Tower Hill Insurance
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Good day, I am writing to ask for help and an investigation into the Insurance practices for sinkholes, a very dangerous and common occurrence in Florida. We saw a 60 minutes segment on the Insurance industry's fraudulent practices for life insurance with then Florida CFO Jeff Atwater and then Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty (https://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-life-insurance-investigation-les...). We are the victims in a similar situation regarding confirmed sinkholes we have on our property and under our home. The Insurance company (Tower Hill) and their Representatives have falsified and omitted information in Reports and Estimates to avoid paying for damages, refused to investigate damages even when our family pulled up flooring to show them and even refused to perform any testing underneath and around our inground pool that cracked in multiple locations and pool deck that has sunken downwards in a 9 foot oval. The damage to our home is immense. It is terrifying living in a home knowing the possibilities of what can happen like the sinkhole situation that is occurring right now in a county below us, in Land O' Lakes, FL (http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/seven-homes-now-condemned-by-m...). Many homes have been condemned due to that sinkhole activity, which has not ceased. The Engineer our Insurance company relies on for the investigation and repair of our home is the same Engineer of Record responsible for a dangerous collapse that occurred during repair in Dunedin, FL to the Dupre family and others ( http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-north-pinellas/dunedin/house-co...). These people fought for their rights with their Insurance Company and ended up nearly dying as their home collapsed and devastated an entire neighborhood. We are forced to follow the same recommendations of the same Engineer.....how scary is that? This Engineer walked past open holes underneath our foundation during inspections and refuses to measure and document the widest cracks in our slab, even though we ask him to do so, for the report. The Insurer forced us to a Neutral Evaluation before they even told us we had a sinkhole and they chose as the "Neutral" Evaluator, an Engineer that was in their rotation for claims work for sinkholes. They never disclosed this relationship and when you see the video and results of this "Neutral" Evaluation, you will see, it was far from neutral. Worst of all, we exposed damages to our slab and they refused to cover them which forced us to take the Insurer to Trial. While on the stand, their Corporate Representative admitted guilt and offered full coverage for these damages.....yet here we are years later and they still refuse to cooperate, communicate and consult with us on the repair of our home. We have filed Complaints with the State of Florida, had direct contact with the Office of Insurance Regulation, the new Insurance Commissioner, David Altmaier, our new CFO, Jimmy Patronis, to no avail. Our State Representative, Blaise Ingoglia, visited our home to witness the conditions we live in and contacts these people on our behalf to help and we are still ignored. We even contacted the President of the Insurance Company himself and we are ignored by him....it is incredible to read the emails and view the videos and consider the unconscionable, indefensible behavior that is going on and no one can or will help.......we are ignored and the laws and the Offices of the State completely shield these Insurance companies from the protection they are supposed to provide but willfully avoid. There is so much more to share but this is a start and we are asking for your help to investigate this company (Tower Hill) and any Office that shields them. We are stuck in the middle of a repair to our slab and cannot even receive a response or measurements to complete the repair despite the Insurance Company agreeing to measurements while testifying during Trial. It is truly incredible. Every single word mentioned above is DOCUMENTED and VERIFIABLE via Court Records, Sworn Testimony and other means. We have alerted all of the parties involved, including the President of Tower Hill himself, Don Matz, so they are aware we are seeking help from our community and the media. This is a very serious matter. Please help. Thank you, The Urban Family (Marc Stacy, Noah, Holly and Heidi) 12405 Trout Circle Spring Hill, FL 34609 (352) 658-1676 theurbanfamily@gmail.com. "Public embarrassment is a powerful tool, and the insurance industry has been shielded from public accountability for too long." TOWER HILL PREFERRED POLICY: J000357098 CLAIM: 2800062022