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Mary - Ellenwood, GA - Bank of America "Inspection Fee"

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Bank of America
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Yesterday, a Bank of America representative called my husband and I demanding a $15 "Inspection fee" in addition to our monthly mortage which we had already paid. She explained that the %15 was past due. When we aksed her what the fee was for, she said that the bank had sent an Inspector at one time to inspect the property and see if it is still occupied and that we were responsible for the fee. We explained to her that not only were current with our monthly payment but the mortage statement states that the mortage is due by the 1st of each month and late fee is applicable after the 16th of each month; and that this "Inspection fee" was another way that BOA was preying on hard working mortage payers!. We have had this mortage with BOA and home for over 13 years; and have always paid our mortage between the 10th and 16th, except for a couple of occassions during the height of the mortgage crisis when we had to pay the late fee anyway. Could you please kindly look into this new predatory methood and kindly advise us on what to do. We certaoinly are not going to pay it! I am sure there are lots of other home owners out there who are being preyed upon by BOA after bringing, who have found a new way to make money! Thank you for all the good work you do!