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Maurice - Lynchburg, VA - CARS Protection Plus

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CARS Protection Plus
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Customers should be made aware of Used Car dealerships offering extended warranties that will not honor the warranty and find loop holes that are not included in the contract you get from the dealer. They sell you peace of mind but end up with dissatisfaction and regret. Car buying is an emotional purchase that leaves you vulnerable to additional predatory services. Did some research on CARS Protection Plus Inc offered by a local dealer and it blew my mind. The Better Business Bureau which consumers rely on has a rating of A+ despite having only 3 positive dealer reviews versus 45 negative customer reviews. https://www.bbb.org/…/c-a-r-s-prote…/reviews-and-complaints…. Make your own conclusion. This is nothing but an add on service that ruins dealerships rapport with their customers. Hopefully, it makes it on consumer watch and consumers made aware. Consumers need to be made aware of the wide spread lucrative business and especially when making an emotional purchase.