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Michael - Bloomfield Hills, MI - BCBS of Michigan failure to pay dental claims

Companies Involved: 
BCBS of Michigan
Issue Area: 
Heath Care

My family has been insured with BCBS for several years. As of 7/14/16 we are insured under Cobra. Claims submitted in 2016 were denied for insurance not being effective from 7/14/2016 through 1/1/2017, at which time it mysteriously became effective. I have emails from insurance agent going back to 2/21/17 and probably earlier. The bcbs representative told my dentist's bookkeeper to stop submitting claims (submitted several times) because my family, "for the last time", was not insured. Finally, the insurance agent informs me that BCBS realizes their error, however, no one can provide a date when the error in their system can be corrected allowing payment of claims for services rendered 6 to 10 months ago. This has affected my relationship with my dentist which my family enjoyed for decades because understandably they believed BCBS that we were not insured. How long can it possibly take BCBS to do what they were legally required to do last year. I am tired of having useless 30 minute phone experiences each time i call (mostly waiting for a person and then talking to someone without a clue). I know you have more important abuse to deal with and ask no priority. The insurance office has finally been told BCBS will pay them, but when? this month, next month, next year? I am writing in the hope I can do something to deal with this behemoth monster. It is non profit, but they go to the greatest lengths to make sure there is enough money to fund their CEO's multi million dollar annual salary, which i have read is in excess of 4-5 million. BCBS is either incompetent or intentionally not acting properly for a non-profit. Michael