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Pe - Berkeley, CA - American Airlines Ticketing Policy

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American Airlines
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I recently contacted American Airlines to request a refund for my trip to Miami and Turks & Caicos due the devastation of Hurricane Irma. The trip was scheduled to begin September 23, 2017 (my first flight) and end on October 2, 2017 (when I was scheduled to return home) The resort in Turks & Caicos has cancelled the trip due to the damaged sustained by hurricane Irma, and now the threat of hurricane Maria. When contacting American Airlines I was told they could not, per their policy, offer a refund despite the hurricane. But that they could offer a credit through December 2017. I have no plans to travel this year now that my trip has been canceled. I do not have plans to travel anymore this year, nor do I want a credit. I simply want a refund, or at least a credit I can use for a year from the date of travel; not from the ticket issue dates which were April 21 and July 7, 2017. I would think that American Airlines would do the right thing and refund funds if a flight was interrupted by a natural disaster. I would like to know if Consumer Watchdog.org can assist with this issue and hopefully help other AA passengers impacted by this unfair practice. In addition, I purchased travel insurance and was told that natural disasters are NOT covered under the insured travel events (What!!!), even if a resort cancels a trip due to the natural disaster. This is a practice that should be addressed immediately to ensure passengers and consumers aren't ripped off in the future. Any help or suggestions you can provide are greatly appreciated. Thank you!