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Perry - Pacoima, CA - L.A. Parking Violations Bureau bogus ticket refusal to review

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Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau
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I got a notice dated 3/16/17 in the mail saying that I had a 12/19/17 parking ticket for $201.00 for 6702 Vanowen St., Los Angeles, for No Parking-Street Cleaning. The parking bureau said I had 14 days of the received notice date of filing to contest it. They claim I was cited in December & letters were sent to my old address. All my mail has been forwarded, & the landlord says no letters were there. I sent a contest letter on 3/27/17, & they state it was received on 3/28/17. 12 days of the notice date. In late April they sent a letter saying it was too late & I must pay. Everyone at PVB has said I should have responded to the 1st notice. If someone gets an improper parking ticket, they will respond immediately. Unless they do not get it. The address listed is traffic lanes at 6702 W Vanowen, a patch of sand between traffic lights & between the 4800 & 10600 blocks of Vanowen. I have numerous photos showing no stopping area in the 2 major lanes of traffic. It is across from the airport & any cars parked there would be blocking traffic. There are no parking lanes there. There are a multitude of parking spaces at any surrounding businesses if needed. The PVB will not let me speak with anyone or accept photos showing the supposed address. I sent a kit with all the info and photos by registered mail with proof of delivery on 9/5/17. The post office says they should have it by now. However, it does not seem to have been received after 7 days. I tried to submit a request for a hearing at The PVB today, 09/11/17. The clerk, CX99, argued repeatedly that it was too late. She finally gave me an Initial Review request, & took my paperwork showing the letters and photos. She refused to give me any proof that I gave her anything. I asked her to stamp my copies & she refused. The last supervisor, Louis, at PVB on 9/11/17, said it is too late, and the city made the decision, and I cannot speak to anyone. I have numerous letters and photos supporting my case. I live on $863 per month retirement, and my rent is $575. My vehicle registration expires in November. With a car car and insurance payment, if I pay this bogus ticket, I will not survive.