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Product warranty insurance from Target

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Target, Garmin
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Hello, I bought a Garmin Nuvi GPS device from Target on January 15, 2010. The item was $189 and I also bought the Target 2 year extended warranty plan that cost about an extra $20. On January 1, 2011 the GPS screen stopped working. I called to file a claim with the Target insurance program, but they said the claim is not covered because it arose within a year of purchase, so the product is still under the manufacturer's warranty and I will have to go through them. I contacted Garmin but they are refusing to cover the claim because I can't find my receipt and Garmin refuses to accept the "Proof of Purchase" Target sent me. When Target sold me this extra warranty, they told me it was in place of the manufacturer's warranty and it would make any repairs much easier because I wouldn't have to go through Garmin. Now I'm stuck in limbo. Garmin is claiming I am outside the warranty because they refused to accept Target's proof-of-purchase and now, after dealing with this for two weeks, I'm over one year from purchase date anyway. Target is refusing to accept the claim because my initial complaint about the item was made inside of one year from the purchase date so they're saying I have to go through Garmin and that Garmin should accept the proof-of-purchase that Target gave me. Basically, I'm feeling cheated by the fact that I paid an extra $20 for this insurance through Target (I now found out is administered through New Hampshire Insurance Company) and now everybody is refusing to fix this GPS even though really both companies should; especially considering I paid extra for this Target program.