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Randy - Los Angeles, CA - Equifax mishandling after the fact

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I have contacted the leadership of equifax because the website to sign up for Trusted ID, the program they purportedly are offering consumers doesn't work i went online several days in a row and have spent many hours trying to sign up i have been given the run around for hours and hours. I have been the victim of identity theft as has my husband at least 4 times in the last year and a half. We are sensitive to being compromised and this is the most recent letter in a long chain of back-and-forth where my frustration is just reached a threshold Someone named Amber called me from a private number, purportedly out of the Nevada location of Trust ID–company ID AX0170. Contrary to what the other agent of your company, Ms. Creswell told me, Amber reports that I CAN concurrently be signed up for “credit freeze” and “Trusted ID” It was understandably unnerving to be contacted by someone from a private number asking me for my address, cell phone, social security number, etc. It is further disconcerting, when I asked if I were to call Equifax and confirm that I had been signed up for Trusted ID, that they wouldn’t know. How is that possible? Then I was put on hold for 15 minutes while purportedly she was going to check on something. She came back on the line saying she had missed a number in my social security number and asked for it again. I had used the 15 minutes of wasted time (taking away from several business phone calls) to look up Trusted ID which is in fact headquartered in Palo Alto and not Nevada as she stated. I will now be contacting your board of directors, every media outlet that I have contacts with in my neighborhood, and will notify my attorney. I have received multiple emails from your company –have spent at least an hour and a half of my business day today alone, feel further compromised with the aforementioned phone call and have not one iota more security. Not one. I do not mean to be unkind, but this is absolutely extraordinary that a company of your resources is this inept. The breach aside. I am asking to avail myself of a free service that you should provide given your egregious lack of security. I have spent minimally 4-5 hours pursuing this security and been given the run around – I don’t think it a big ask to have the question “Will the Trusted ID program be automatically renewed” “What is the cost” “May I be signed up please” “May I know where you’re calling from? It is a little daunting to give personal information when a number comes across as private” I trust you would agree.