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Rebecca - Scottsdale, AZ - Chase Bank - Recent Victim of Bank Fraud Scam

Companies Involved: 
Chase Credit Card Company, DF Transportation
Issue Area: 
Billing Errors

Summary of facts: 10/22/12 My husband (military member/ Federal Government employee/ disabled Veteran) and I (unemployed attorney) got scammed out of $30,000 plus from a false business entity entitled DF Transportation. They pretended to offer me a real job with real training and testing which was very elaborate, planned out and detailed. Here is what happened. On August 7, 2012, I was contacted by phone by a person named Amy Wilson, HR from DF Transportation Company. I didn't answer the phone because I didn't know who was calling me. It was a NY area code. She left me a detailed voicemail explaining the position, duties and training if I was interested. She also stated that she would be emailing me as a follow up to the voicemail. I received that email shortly thereafter explaining the position. The position was as a Projects Logistics Manager, working from the Phoenix, AZ office that would be opening in October, 2012. All I had to do for now was complete stage 1 which was online training for 4 weeks, with a weekly test, then a final test, and as long as I passed that, I would be invited to stage 2 in NY to meet the staff of DF transportation and complete my training and sign my employment agreement. Because Brandon (my husband) and I are moving to AZ after our baby is born in about 2 weeks (11/9/12), this seemed like the perfect opportunity and I didn't have anything to lose because they didn't require any personal information, just my name and address so they could have somewhere to send my training paycheck. They explained that I would get paid $2000 for completing the detailed training and receive extra bonuses of up to $2000 more for completing part time work. This is where they made it seem like the position was competitive because they explained if I was interested in part time work in addition to the training, I would be better guaranteed a spot with the company. Wanting to do well and impress DF transportation, I always inquired about extra work and frequently explained to my training manager David B. Stiller, that I could take on more work than just the training. During this training which I was completing perfectly, this alleged entity asked me if I wanted some part time extra credit work buying and shipping computers to one of their new offices. Specifically, my training manager David Stiller whom I spoke with on the phone and communicated daily by email, stated that in order to make an impression, that this part time work would look good on my training participation. I explained to David that I had no issue buying these computers on my own credit card so long as I was being reimbursed prior to the shipment of the merchandise. They provided me with their alleged bank account and routing numbers from Wells Fargo to pay off the computers I was buying with my Chase credit card. I went to the apple store at south coast plaza, bought the first shipment of 4 Apple Mac Book Air computers. I applied the payment from their alleged Wells Fargo bank account number to my Chase credit card and waited for payment to be applied and show paid prior to shipping these 4 computers. I called Chase, I checked online and did everything I needed to, to ensure that this payment had been made, was paid, current and accurate. I ensured before shipment of this first set of computers that these purchases were paid, current and accurate, and Chase gave me that verification both verbally and electronically of such payments. Additionally, because of these payments being paid and showing current, I released possession of the computers and shipped them via US postal service thinking I had been paid for the computers. I then made 2 more purchases from the apple store, (2nd shipment was 7 computers, 3rd shipment was 10 computers) followed the same line of actions (called Chase, checked online, got confirmation that it was paid, then shipped the computers). The second shipment again was 7 Apple Mac Book Air computers, the third was 10 Apple Mac Book Air computers. It wasn't until 10/4/12, that I got online, and visually saw the first payment of $4995.68 get returned. It stated "returned." I called Chase immediately and they informed me that yes it had got returned and that now that they were looking at my account, the other payments I had applied were getting returned. At that very moment however, on the computer screen, it still showed paid for the second and third payments. Chase had internal bank knowledge that these payments were going to get returned prior to posting this return status online, and left it showing as paid and current, misleading me to think it was paid. Chase even allowed me credit increase and credit availability to make more purchases because these payments were showing as paid. I had no reason to think these payments were going to get returned. Now, because of Chase's failure to communicate with me, essentially their negligence in my account record keeping, and follow their own policies and procedures for properly guarding their banking records, and all while knowing my circumstances beforehand, all the computers are gone, and all these payments applied to my credit card have been returned. I would have never shipped the first set of computers nor bought any subsequent computers had Chase stayed on top of my account and kept me informed properly by showing the actual status of the account online and verbally. Chase did not complete their obligation to me by communicating with me promptly, and because they did not tell me of the first payment getting returned until 10/4/12, I released possession of the merchandise, made more purchases, and subsequently mailed those as well after receiving confirmation that they had been paid too. This merchandise has in essence been stolen from me through a fraudulent transaction. They allowed me to believe and see that I was being paid for the merchandise, then once they had their stolen computers, could care less about my credit. Chase however knew that the first payment was getting returned before showing this status online. Why they didn't update me promptly is beyond me, but they needed to have protected me better. If Chase doesn't work with me, and bear this loss, I would like to sue Chase for possible causes of action in breach of contract or violation of their own fiduciary duties to adequately keep accurate banking records. Additionally, Chase may have violated their internal manual of policies and procedures, by not following they’re internal banking record procedures and guarding their bank records better. They may have not only breached a trust with their guardianship of their records but also breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing implied in law. I am 8 and 1/2 months pregnant and have suffered serious distress emotionally, physically and financially and need to get this fraudulent debt off my credit card and reinstate my account. My husband and I have always been responsible, paid our bills, and taken care of our family by hard work. Right now, he is the sole income provider, and we have my law school loan bills, a mortgage, a new child coming in 2 weeks, child support payments, and have to pay our other many bills. I am unemployed and have been actively looking for work since May, 2011 when I graduated from law school. Here is what I have done: I need to be noticed this is an extremely urgent matter that needs to be attended to. -I have filed a police report with Seal Beach PD- #12-2201; -I have filed a report with fraud aid, and have a contact (Mr. Caplan), with fraud aid that is assisting me and will continue to assist me and my attorney once I retain one; -I have contacted the FBI; - I have filed formal disputes of these returned payments at Chase’s website; - I sent Chase a formal letter of dispute, and a letter showing my correct balance analysis stating that we would pay our legitimate debt; -I also have made many complaints to various consumer protection agencies, such as the BBB, the Attorney General's office, the FTC, The White House, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, The Department of Consumer Protection, and various consumer affairs departments; - Additionally, I have submitted my story to local and national news stations with no responses yet; - In addition to this, I have contacted my local CA Congressmen Edward Royce and Dana Rohrabacher; - I am attempting to work with Chase executive Marie Lozano with no ideal resolution yet in play; - I also have sworn affidavits from the US Post Office from the 2 employees which helped me in these shipments of these computers. I would like the public to be aware of what happened. I became a victim of a elaborate job scam, and was trying to protect myself by ensuring with Chase these payments were paid prior to forfeiting possession of the merchandise. Chase is in a much better position than I am to bear the loss for this mistake and should have to because of their breach of good faith and fair dealing, breach of their fiduciary duties by not properly maintaining bank records and because of their negligence in misleading my account balance. If suing Chase is not an option, then my husband and I will have no choice but to file Bankruptcy. I hope we won't have to do that. Our credit is perfect and we have always been responsible people of our debts, however this debt is not legitimate and we will not pay for this stolen merchandise. My husband who is a government employee with the Federal Aviation Administration works very hard everyday to support his family. I who have given almost a decade to my education to obtain my law degree and pass the bar have only been trying to find legitimate work and this was an unfortunate tragedy that happened to our family that we should not have to bear the loss for. $30,000 could be money for my son's college education, not for thieves who stole from my family. We did our part with Chase in the communication, it's not our fault we slipped through the cracks of customer service. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.