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Rod - Dubuque, IA - False Hyundai Ioniq mileage claims

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We recently bought a Hyundai Ioniq based on their 54/55 MPG claim. We traded a Honda Insight which got the advertised 43 MPG hwy from day 1. We are getting an average of 43 in the Ioniq which is about 26% below the mileage claimed. So far trheir responses have been that I don't know how to drive, we need to break it in with 10 to 15000 miles and 1 dealer claims it got 72 on a test drive. That was a joke, he was reading the avg mph that his technician got. Needless to say I am pissed. I feel that Hyundai should pay for their false calaims and would happily accept an offer from them to get all my money back and reimburse me for my lost mileage. Are you getting more complaints on this issue?