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I received a letter from PG&E about their intent to install a smartmeter at my home. I had some questions and found out some things about the system that concerned me. One was that the wireless connection is both ways. They can turn off my electricity remotely. The transmitter uses 1 watt of power and over a year uses over 8600 watts. Who pays for that? The system is linked to other meters in your neighborhood to be fed to a central location. I'm sorry, but I see a lot of possible problems with this including abuse by pg&e and possible problems with information mix-up. These problems are not covered in the letter, the pamphlet, or their web page. I would really like these questions addressed and some kind of oversight. Can I refuse to participate in this system? Thank you. Carl Pedrotti 3450 Chinquapin Dr. Willits, Ca. 95490 cpjp3450@aol.com