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Stephen - Los Angeles, CA - Mercury Insurance Mileage Scam

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Mercury Auto Insurance
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Mercury has a policy of arbitrarily boosting premiums at each renewal even though such beahvior is explicitly forbidden in the state code of Regulation: 'Pursuant to California Insurance Code Section 1861.02(a) and Title 10, California Code of Regulations, Section 2632.5(c)(2), the second mandatory automobile rating factor is the estimated number of miles driven annually for the twelve months following policy inception. This should be based on the applicant's estimate and does not authorize an insurer arbitrarily to estimate the number of miles a policyholder will drive based on, for example, statewide or nationwide averages. Any unilateral change to an insured's estimated mileage, done without the insured's knowledge, is impermissible.'' I've been with mercury for years and they do this each and every renewal. After asked my friends on social media about their experiences - it seems this is happening to everybody. I asked my agent Garrett Parkinson of Parkinson Insurance in Los Angeles and he told me every company does it and there's nothing we can do about it. I beg to differ and as such - have reached out to Adam Gammell, the rate bureau chief who oversees Mercury in the state of California to further discuss the matter. I thought your organization might like to know what's been happening all across California to unsuspecting motorists. thank you for your time