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William - Live Oak, CA - State Water Board Helps PG&E Get Away With Crimes

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Its a long story to explain again so I attached a letter that I sent to US Hallie Hoffman while she was prosecuting PG&E for the crimes related to the San Bruno Pipeline Explosion and Aftermath. I reported PG&E after being given evidence that they were discharging waste water into our ditch so I investigated and discovered some of my own evidence. I confronted PG&E and they did not deny it and basically admitted by offering compensation until I said that I would still have to report it to the Water Board. Shortly after they altered the facility and site which should be obstruction of justice. I submitted evidence to SWRCB that PG&E was discharging into the ditch and was interviewed on April 15, 2016 at my home. SWRCB could have inspected the facility that day but they waited until April 29,2016. On April 20-24, 2016 PG&E removed the waste water, removed the facility and cleaned up the site while there was a ongoing investigation and before they were inspected. SWRCB authored a very false / misleading report that there was insufficient evidence of a unauthorized discharge. SWRCB refused to examine the records, logs, manifest, videos and photos to determine if more waste water came in than went out. They false statements to discredit me in the report by stating things that I did not state and have the emails to prove what I stated which was not good for PG&E and Melvin Morris because it was about their history violating regulations and being very dishonest including to regulators / investigators which SWRCB ignored. The standing water / saturation in the aerial photo they are claiming is storm water after approximately 2 weeks of dry weather in extreme drought conditions. Their was erosion in the ditch which appears to be from them discharging into the ditch with a 3 to 4 inch hose or pipe which was the sizes they were using at this site and others. There was a open ended hose next to the properly line that discharged into the ditch which was obvious from soil saturation. They are completely ignoring the videos and photos of PG&E caught in the act of removing evidence / obstruction of justice while there was a ongoing investigation and before the facility and site were inspected. I complained up to Scott Pruitt so a Region 9 Official responded by stating it was thoroughly investigated when it obviously wasn't so I submitted a complaint to the EPA Inspector General. Is there any way that you can help like getting attention to this incident especially since its related to some of your work. Thank you- Will