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ZabaSearch Private Info Posted

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Zabasearch.com (Search Engine)
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Hello, I am writing this letter because I don't know what else to do. I feel as a taxpayer, I want more than anything to be protected, that means my rights as well as my Privacy. I'm not one of those people who post my phone number or other private information on facebook, I'm very mindful of that. My boyfriend was telling about a search engine called Zabasearch, I went to the site and my previous addresses and current phone number is on there. We have people out there who havev experienced domestic violence or have or are being stalked and so their privacy means life or death for them. Thank God that I have not had to experience that, but what if I did? I would like to know that my address and phone number would not be easily found at the click of a mouse. Our Government has to protect its Citizens from issues such as these search engine sites, it is and can put lives in danger, this is wrong. Sometimes I feel our Government is more concerned with protecting us from ourselves than everyone else. Ive read the BBB they have a 'F' rating and I've read tons of complaints where individuals have asked the company for the personal information to be removed just to be ignored and this is when they took the procedures that the business instructed them to do. I'm very upset, and I'm sick and tired of my taxes being taken to have to deal with this and be told this is legal. I'm demanding for this to stop, I'm Fed Up! All of these search engines need to be removed, made illegal and only legal if a person request their personal information to be posted such as with the White Pages, if they don't request it, it should not be posted. The American people are made powerless and this needs to stop.