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Politicians must be the only people in America who "believe" that money doesn't... More >
  For the last decade and a half, Consumer Watchdog has chronicled through a series of reports... More >
Up to 440,000 people die each year because of medical mistakes. That's the equivalent of a 747... More >
A handful of prescription drug companies control the majority of patents on new drugs and charge... More >
Many Americans support stem cell research but are unwilling to give drug companies a blank taxpayer... More >
Only by insuring everyone in a health plan that leverages the nation's buying power and focuses... More >
Consumer Watchdog has lowered the auto and homeowners insurance rates of millions of California... More >
Unlike most things you buy for your home, you hope you'll never have to use your insurance,... More >
In 1988, Californians revolted against excessive auto, homeowner and business insurance premiums... More >
Politicians and special interests are always seeking new ways to get around popular reforms, and... More >