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The complaints we receive help us educate policymakers, the media and the public about real problems faced by real consumers. Over the years, consumer complaints have played a key role in our successful efforts to change laws and hold corporations accountable.

Consumer Watchdog has not verified the veracity nor endorsed any claim made in the complaints listed below.  We publish these complaints for the purposes of discussion only.

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Did not receive contract until way pass I could cancel job, which resulted in not knowing anything of importance's, stipulations in the contract. was lied to believe we were getting a refund not credit which I did not qualify. First four... More >
Had wisdom tooth extracted, Humana said they would not pay because it was not in my jaw. It was tooth # 17 in my Mandible and that's my jaw. Respectfully, Elton More >
I joined Verizons unlimited plan in April of this year. I was quoted 165.00 per month all in with taxes and fees for my service. My bill came and it was over 200.00 twice. I called in each month. They gave me a 35.00 credit for each month,... More >
The air conditioner on my BMW stopped blowing cool air so I took it into the dealership to be repaired. My vehicle is under warranty so I had no worries. I was called a couple of days later only to be informed my condenser was hit by a rock and that... More >
Its a long story to explain again so I attached a letter that I sent to US Hallie Hoffman while she was prosecuting PG&E for the crimes related to the San Bruno Pipeline Explosion and Aftermath. I reported PG&E after being given evidence... More >