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The complaints we receive help us educate policymakers, the media and the public about real problems faced by real consumers. Over the years, consumer complaints have played a key role in our successful efforts to change laws and hold corporations accountable.

Consumer Watchdog has not verified the veracity nor endorsed any claim made in the complaints listed below.  We publish these complaints for the purposes of discussion only.

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June 24, 2015 Referral Date July 07,2025 I bought a Frigidaire Refrigerator on 3-28-13 for $405.98 ck. #915. I was told if I wanted to purchase a contract, to send in $79.50 Ck. #919 I should sent in straight to Electrolux, Frigidaire and I did.... More >
On June 26, 2015 I submitted all the required paperwork to request a doctor prescribed electric breast pump for my wife whom had a scheduled C-section on July 2nd 2015. On following calls on the same June 26, 2015 we were promised a MQ9120 Drive... More >
I bought a new 2015 Forest River Hemisphere 312QBUD travel trailer on or around December 2014. After all the paperwork is done and they have their money, they did a walk through with me. This is when you find problems and they fix them. The company... More >
After leaving a California firm at the end of 2010 (when the ACA was passed), I opted to accept Cobra health insurance at a cost of $500/month. (It was a great group plan rate considering the 100% coverage for surgery the next year). However, before... More >
I'm getting very frustrated by all of the misleading solar sales pitches, wonky financing, and shoddy installations becoming commonplace in the residential solar marketplace. I've gotten so frustrated by what I've personally witnessed (... More >