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The complaints we receive help us educate policymakers, the media and the public about real problems faced by real consumers. Over the years, consumer complaints have played a key role in our successful efforts to change laws and hold corporations accountable.

Consumer Watchdog has not verified the veracity nor endorsed any claim made in the complaints listed below.  We publish these complaints for the purposes of discussion only.

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Bbva compass bank had no problem banking with me when paying $3000 in overdraft fees over 1 year all while living out of my car. Im a 100% disabled veteran so my disability benefits went into that account. When i asked for some relief givin my... More >
I signed up for this companies services to repair my device which was damaged. The company took possession of the device that is worth over $1,200 and now refuses to return it. It's been about 3 months and the company does not return... More >
How on earth can the LADWP demand a $200 deposit and $19 set up fee to start an account with a credit rating below 750. The amount of this fee is completely inflated and won't be returned until the account is closed. The LADWP already has a... More >
I am writing to alert you Apple's continued pursuit to prey on young children. Between September 1st and 14th my 12 year old son racked up $9,905.83 for coins, tokens, etc. I’ve taken steps to escalate the situation within Apple with an... More >
Hi, I was having neurological issues and to find out the root cause my doctor suggested we do a genetic screening to find out if there is a history in my family so that the treatment can be identified. My doctor called the insurance company to get... More >