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The complaints we receive help us educate policymakers, the media and the public about real problems faced by real consumers. Over the years, consumer complaints have played a key role in our successful efforts to change laws and hold corporations accountable.

Consumer Watchdog has not verified the veracity nor endorsed any claim made in the complaints listed below.  We publish these complaints for the purposes of discussion only.

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Facts of the case: I sold my house in DE in August 2016 . At that time I closed ( or tried to close) my account. In August of 2016 I opened a work order in the Verizon system for my new home with the service I wanted. It had a December 31 date on it... More >
If you were a 73 now 74 year old elderly man living alone with assistance from HEAP, wouldn't the following DWP electric bills confuse you. They confuse me. Can you help? What about a Cal. state agency? Thank you for any assistance. Thomas 10/06... More >
I need your help desperately. I am a veteran of the Vietnam era. I have been homeless for several years until a lady living offered to rent her home to me. I informed her that I would use my VA benefits to pay my rent. However the VA would not... More >
My husband and I have a son in College of Charleston. Last year, just as ATT and DirecTV were merging, he moved to a new apartment and I had ATT Uverse and DirecTV put in my name, over the phone. We were given a student discount. He changed... More >
The refrigerator I own and manufactured by GE has accumulated mold in the parts within the unit and GE will not replace the refrigerator. I have owned the refrigerator for 10 years, but the unit still functions, however, has developed mold. We had... More >