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Consumer Watchdog's day-in, day-out consumer protection and advocacy work embraces a wide variety of issues affecting the daily lives and pocketbooks of millions of Americans.

Protecting Patients

Consumer Watchdog fights to protect patients, improve health care quality and create universal care. We believe the health of patients should come before the financial wealth of HMOs, drug companies and other health care corporations. We work toward a safer, affordable health care system by eliminating waste, fraud and profiteering.

Affordable Insurance

For more than 20 years, Consumer Watchdog has been the nation's leading insurance reform organization. We have saved consumers tens of billions of dollars, developed innovative consumer programs and reversed some of the most anti-consumer insurance policies in the industry.

Cleaner, Cheaper Energy

To keep our society running, we need to fight for affordable electricity and gasoline. To keep our planet running, we need to aggressively pursue alternative fuels. Cleaner, cheaper energy is an essential victory for American consumers. Consumer Watchdog monitors the power and oil companies that too often stand in the way.

Fighting Corporateering

Big corporations target more than our money. They routinely and quietly rob us of our personal freedoms—including our privacy, security, right to legal recourse, and more. Corporateering, the act of prioritizing commercial gain over individual, social, or cultural gain, is everywhere in our lives. Every day, Consumer Watchdog works to protect individuals from the corporate assault on their rights and freedoms.

Keeping Politicians Honest

Consumer Watchdog fights to make your voice heard by calling out dirty politicians and attacking the influence of the special interests that keep them in power. From Sacramento to Washington D.C., we follow the money trail from special interests to policymakers and track bad public policy back from politicians to their donors.