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Anaheim, CA -- The second in a series of musical videos that make the case for mandatory drug testing of doctors was unveiled today on a mobile billboard truck circling the California Medical Association's annual convention at Disneyland.

Families who lost loved ones to negligent doctors and reckless prescribing of narcotics joined Consumer Watchdog in Anaheim yesterday for the launch of “Pee In A Cup The Musical: Part 1” and to call on the California Medical Association to endorse mandatory physician drug testing. The California Medical Association's spokesperson refused to even acknowledge that physician drug and alcohol abuse is a problem.

Watch “Pee In A Cup The Musical: Part 2” video here:

The comical musical video shows how secret service agents, janitors and even badminton players “do it,” but doctors don't have to do it.   

Part 3 of the video series will be released on the mobile billboard truck this Saturday, October 12, the third day of the California Medical Association gathering in Disneyland.

The California Medical Board estimates that up to 18% of doctors have a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

An initiative measure aimed for the November 2014 ballot would require mandatory physician drug and alcohol testing. The Troy and Alana Pack Patient Safety Act would also require doctors to report colleagues who are under the influence while on duty, check patient histories before prescribing narcotics to help identify drug abusers, and would update the state's 38-year-old cap on malpractice victims' recovery mandatory.

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