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Pressure On To Merge State Agencies -- Two Offices Oversee Health Insurance

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Debate is heating up over whether California should continue to be the only state with two agencies regulating health insurance.

The Department of Managed Health Care oversees health plans - mostly HMOs - that cover 21.6 million Californians. The Department of Insurance regulates most preferred provider and traditional indemnity plans, which cover 2.4 million state residents.

Our Top Priorities For The Revolution -- Let Us Know What You Think

Revolutions in America start in the streets and end with changes in corporate boardrooms, in Capitol hearing rooms and at the ballot box. Big changes seem to happen quickly, but in fact they are the results of long, hard-fought campaigns that are strategically laid out.

We have a plan and we would like your thoughts. Please read the following five page presentation and join Consumer Watchdog’s staff for a conference call to discuss the plan on Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time/ 2 PM Eastern.