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Lawmakers Lose State Cars At Last

Few tears are being shed - outside the state Capitol - for our legislators, who have lost a valued perk.

The California Compensation Commission ruled last week that lawmakers, as of December, no longer will drive cars bought for them by the state's taxpayers.

California is the only state that still buys cars picked out by its legislators and "leases" them to the lawmakers. The state also pays for maintenance, repairs and unlimited gasoline for any Assembly or Senate member who wants it.

California Legislators' Car Allowance Slashed

BURBANK, CA -- California legislators saw one of their most maligned perks slashed Thursday, as a panel charged with setting compensation ruled that lawmakers will have to traverse the state in their own vehicles - fueled only by a $300-a-month taxpayer-funded stipend.

The Citizens Compensation Commission didn't cut legislators' health benefits or salaries, which now average $95,291 for most lawmakers.

As Americans Ponder Their Fair Share of Income Tax, Consumer Watchdog Urges No Tax Holiday for Global Giants Like Google That Use Dodgy Tax Avoidance Schemes

WASHINGTON, DC – As average Americans focus today on their income tax bill, Consumer Watchdog called on President Obama and the chairmen of the House and Senate tax committees to block calls for a tax holiday that would unfairly benefit corporate giants like Google.

Google Email Bid Facing Hurdles

L.A.'s city controller has launched an inquiry into delays over security issues.

Google Inc.'s big push to supply email services to governments around the country is running into headwinds both from federal agencies and its marquee client, Los Angeles City Hall.