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Connecticut Is Among States Praised By A Consumer Group For Opposing Bill That "Would Raise Health Insurance Premiums"

A national consumer group says a bill before Congress would increase the price of health insurance by allowing insurers to exclude broker commissions when calculating what portion of premiums is spent on patient medical expenses versus administrative costs. 

Live-Blog from NAIC: A Semi-Victory for Consumers! UPDATED Monday a.m.

Austin, TX --The chairman of the committee that brought forth the so-called broker bill, and swore to pass it, is now backing away. The efforts of the NAIC's own consumer representatives--and Consumer Watchdog--are paying off. They're literally sending the whole thing back to committee.... likely for a very, very long time! More later, gotta go celebrate.

Insurance Commissioners Raising Eyebrow About Broker Pay Guarantee

(Austin, TX) The more consumer-friendly state insurance commissioners here at a national meeting are raising eyebrows over attempts to rush a really big vote that would jack up health insurance premiums in order to pay more to insurance brokers. The issue is whether the official National Association of Insurance Commissioners will put its official stamp of approval on legislation written by and for the brokers.


Controversial Mini-Med Plans To Live On Through Waivers

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Consumer advocates condemn them as the worst form of health insurance: “mini-med” plans that limit payouts to as low as $2,000 a year, leaving often unsuspecting customers to fend for themselves if they develop a costly and serious disease.

So drafters of the new health-care law made eliminating mini-meds a top priority. By 2014, the plans will be gone completely. And starting this year, virtually all are required to up their annual coverage limit to at least $750,000.

NAIC To Collect More Data On Effect Of Medical Loss Ratios On Agent/Broker Commissions

Austin, Texas -- It took more than three hours, for the National Association of Insurance Commissioner's Professional Health Insurance Advisers Task Force to agree to hold off on deciding whether to endorse a federal bill that would exempt commissions paid to insurance agents and brokers from the medical loss ratios required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Instead, the task force opted to refer the issue back to the Health and Managed Care Committee to collect more data on the matter.

S.F. MAYOR'S RACE: Funding Tactics Raise Concern

Is lavish spending at state level padding the profiles of major players?

Democratic state Sen. Leland Yee wasn't officially running to be the next mayor of San Francisco when he spent an eye-popping $1.1 million in one year on his 2010 re-election bid - a race where he faced no primary battle and no serious general election competition.

Consumer Group Blasts Insurance Agents and Brokers

A consumer advocacy group, pushing back strong against insurance brokers’ and agents’ request for relief from a healthcare reform provision, published documents on Friday showing they are paid as much as 20 percent of a customer’s insurance premium.

The nation’s insurance commissioners this weekend are set to consider a request from agents and brokers to back changes to a healthcare regulation they say will push them out of the marketplace.

NAIC Digs In On The Details

Austin, Texas - Everything may be bigger in Texas, but at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners meeting opening here today, the key action hinges on the small but crucial details of insurance regulation.

In its two previous meetings, the NAIC took hotly debated votes to move forward on the medical loss ratio regulation, laying out what would count as medical costs and what would be administrative.