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Buzzing The Mercury Open

Tennis fans were riled by our drive-by and fly-by mobile advertisements at the finals of the Mercury Insurance Open in Carlsbad yesterday. Our message: “Don’t Trust Mercury Insurance." You can watch a short video here, which explains why students are getting involved against Mercury.

Here’s some of the reaction:

States Face Challenges In Controlling Health Insurance Premiums

For many consumers, the ultimate test for the embattled health-care law is simple: Will it push down insurance premiums — or at least slow their relentless rise?

It’s a pressing question for the Obama administration, which is hoping its signature domestic policy achievement doesn’t end up as an election year albatross. Officials have been jawboning carriers to refrain from big rate jumps and, beginning in September, will require insurers to undergo additional scrutiny before raising premiums 10 percent or more.

Web Tracking Has Become A Privacy Time Bomb

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LAS VEGAS — The coolest free stuff on the Internet actually comes at a notable price: your privacy.

For more than a decade, tracking systems have been taking note of where you go and what you search for on the Web — without your permission. And today many of the personal details you voluntarily divulge on popular websites and social networks are being similarly tracked and analyzed.


Advocates for federal rate review made their case again Tuesday as the Senate health committee held a hearing on state rate-review efforts and the support built into the healthcare law. Many states have some authority to at least review insurance companies' proposed rates, and the health law provides funding to enhance those efforts. But it doesn't give the federal government the power to reject proposed increases or require states to give themselves that authority.

HHS to U.S. Senate: Power to Reject Rates Provides Consumers "Maximum" Protection from Unjustified Health Insurance Rate Hikes

Washington, DC – In a U.S. Senate Health committee hearing today examining the rapid pace of health insurance premium increases, a federal regulator told senators that the rate review provisions of the federal health care law are a powerful consumer protection tool, but that the authority to reject unjustified rates provides consumers “maximum” protection.

Blue Shield Posts Reviews... Sort Of

Enrollee Criticism is Compiled, But Mostly Hidden

When Blue Shield of California launched a program 18 months ago to allow enrollees to post reviews of their health coverage, the San Francisco-based insurer touted itself as a model of openness.

“We're proud to be the first health plan in the country to be fully transparent and encourage our members to share their healthcare experiences online in a richer and more visible way," Blue Shield Senior Vice President Rob Geyer said at the time.