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Concern Over Newsom's Shared Office At Founders Den

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's plan to lease office space from a San Francisco company whose managing partner contributed $12,000 to his statewide campaign raises ethical concerns, government experts say.

The lieutenant governor announced last week that he is not going to open an office in the state building in San Francisco but instead will work from shared office space at a private club in the South of Market district.

Do Not Track Our Online Data

Imagine this. You are at the kitchen table playing Scrabble with your family. Your whiz kid daughter takes all seven of her tiles and spells “casuist.” The other players are skeptical. They want an official review.

You go to look it up at This is what you learn: “casuist” is a noun meaning someone who uses clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions—and your daughter is really smart.

ConsumerWatch: Blue Shield Customer Gets $5K Bill Reversed

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PALO ALTO, CA (CBS) – A Palo Alto couple has just won their battle with Blue Shield over a $5,000 medical bill.  

John Whitin said Blue Shield sent him to collections asking him to return the money that it had originally paid out for a colonoscopy procedure for his wife. The procedure was supposed to be a covered benefit and was recommended by her doctor. 

Will Google Maps Camera-Equipped Tricycles Take Pictures Of Our Kids Playground?

Google's grand experiment in photographing the world's places for Google Maps has taken its "street view" cameras off-road with new hi-tech tricycles equipped with 360 degree view cameras to photograph the back roads, parks, college paths and inner sanctums of our world. The engineer's latest design raises the question: What will Google be capturing on its backroad tour that people don't want seen?

Study Commissioned By Blue Shield Supports Hikes In Health Premiums

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A Blue Shield-commissioned study justifying sizable increases in individual insurance rates was released Tuesday to sharp criticism from the state's insurance commissioner and consumer advocates.

The study by actuary David Axene concluded that the planned rate hikes affecting some 200,000 Californians are "reasonable, not excessive" and meet state rules and a federal requirement that 80 percent of premiums be spent on medical expenses.