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Inflated Medical Bills Mask True Cost Of Care

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One man's case illustrates the problem: His medicine to treat Crohn's disease runs the hospital about $6,300 per dose. But the bill he gets is for $38,000.

It's bad enough that her son has a chronic disease that can send him to the emergency room when the pain becomes unbearable. But Susan Kenyon is also grappling with wildly inflated medical prices that have become a mainstay of our healthcare system.

Mercury Chairman Backs Another Auto-Insurance Discount Initiative

Aug. 12 -- Backers of an automobile insurance initiative that was bankrolled by Mercury General Corp., and which voters turned down last year, want to try again.

The California attorney general's office this week released a title and summary of the proposed initiative, which was submitted by Mike D'Arelli, executive director of the American Agents Alliance, an insurance trade group. It's the first step in the process of putting a measure on the ballot.