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Smartphones Like Apple's iPhone Hold Treasure Trove of Data on Users' Lives

In the sexy but increasingly scary world of smartphone forensics, insiders have a name for all the personal information purposely or unknowingly stored inside that iPhone or Android or Blackberry in your pocket.

They call it your "digital fingerprints."

With the right tools and physical access to your smartphone, anyone can tap into the private details of your life: texts, photos, tweets, Facebook ramblings, doctor's appointments, favorite hiking trails, and maybe even what you had for dinner last night at that little French bistro on the corner.

Regulatory Split Costs Policyholders

Something got lost in the flap about big rate increases for individual health insurance: Some policyholders got a worse deal than others, depending on which state regulator oversees the policy.

A review by the state Department of Managed Care found that 121,000 people whose Anthem Blue Cross insurance policies it regulates are facing a rate increase 3 to 4 percentage points higher than increases facing 70,000 people enrolled in similar policies with the same name that are regulated by the state Department of Insurance.

New Revelations of Google, Apple Smartphone Data Snooping Show Need For Do Not Track Me Legislation, Consumer Watchdog Says

SANTA MONICA, CA – New details of how tech giants Google and Apple spy on users of their smartphones demonstrate the need for Do Not Track Me legislation that would cover mobile devices, Consumer Watchdog said today.

Will Potus Gridlock West L.A. As Prelude To Earth Day? He Should Read The Gas Station Signs

The email warnings are flying in West Los Angeles about how the president's motorcade will once again gridlock afternoon rush hour. The cause: two mistimed, ill-placed Hollywood fundraisers on opposite sides of the traffic jam known as West LA. There's probably no major city as pro-Obama as Los Angeles, or state so solidly in his camp as California.

Privacy Groups Urge Public to Push for Industry Adoption of Google Buzz Settlement Terms

A coalition of leading privacy groups urged the public to push for industrywide adoption of the tough online data protection terms the government imposed on Google as part of a recent settlement of complaints about its Buzz social network.

Donald Trump's Companies Filed for Bankruptcy 4 Times

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Donald Trump -- or companies that bear his name - have declared bankruptcy four times.

Trump has built an American empire from Las Vegas to New York with towering hotels and sparkling casinos. Forbes estimates he's worth $2.7 billion. But not all of Trump's business ventures have been constant money-makers. In 1991, 1992, 2004, and again in 2009, Trump branded companies or properties have sought Chapter 11 protection.

Lawmakers Lose State Cars At Last

Few tears are being shed - outside the state Capitol - for our legislators, who have lost a valued perk.

The California Compensation Commission ruled last week that lawmakers, as of December, no longer will drive cars bought for them by the state's taxpayers.

California is the only state that still buys cars picked out by its legislators and "leases" them to the lawmakers. The state also pays for maintenance, repairs and unlimited gasoline for any Assembly or Senate member who wants it.