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Consumer Watchdog Asks Senate Antitrust Committee To Require Google CEO Larry Page to Testify

SANTA MONICA, CA – Citing recent revelations that Google CEO Larry Page condoned Google’s criminal violation of laws prohibiting the importation of drugs to U.S. consumers by Canadian pharmacies, Consumer Watchdog called on the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee to require him to testify at its planned hearing in September.

Bad AT&T Deal Disconnected; Consumer Watchdog Applauds Justice Department for Filing Complaint to Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

SANTA MONICA, CA -- Consumer Watchdog applauded the U.S. Justice Department today for filing a civil antitrust complaint to block the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger, calling it a victory for cell phone consumers, and urged the Federal Communications Commission to reject the deal as well.

Insurers' Critics See Case As A Boost

Appeals court sides with patient, giving hope to others

Health insurance providers can expect new litigation - and pressure from existing litigants - after a federal appellate court decision on Friday said they are responsible for covering mental health treatment on par with care for physical conditions.

Multiple lawsuits and a piece of state legislation are already underway to force insurance coverage of treatment for autism, and advocates fighting for that coverage say Friday's ruling brings momentum to their cause.

Oil Drops 14%, Gas Only 3.4% - Fuel Prices Vary Significantly

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In recent weeks, the price of a benchmark crude oil has fallen by double digits, while the price of gasoline in Little Rock and the rest of Arkansas has not dropped proportionately.

That disconnect may leave motorists wondering why gasoline prices haven't dropped more than they have.

Internet Advertisers Begin Offering New Do Not Track Icon

Privacy and consumer advocates are lambasting the online advertising industry's version of a do-not-track mechanism, slated to take worldwide effect today.

Today is the deadline for members of the Interactive Advertising Bureau to embrace use of a turquoise triangle with a lowercase letter "i" at its center, referred to as the Advertising Option Icon.

Consumer Watchdog Says Online Ad Industry Self-Regulation Fails to Protect Privacy; Calls for Congress to Enact Do Not Track Me Law

WASHINGTON, DC -- Consumer Watchdog said that the self-regulatory privacy program created by online advertisers and scheduled to take effect for some today fails to protect consumers from companies that track their behavior online. Legislation enacting a “Do Not Track Me” option is necessary to ensure consumers have an easy to use, effective and universal choice to avoid tracking, said Consumer Watchdog.