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Watching The Health Insurers

Opponents of a bill that would allow state regulators to reject unreasonable increases in health insurance premiums are stepping up their attacks on the measure, contending that it would push premiums even higher and make healthcare less available. These arguments are a smokescreen, and lawmakers shouldn't lose sight of the need to give consumers of health insurance the same protection they have in auto and homeowners' policies.

Viewpoints: Stem Cell Agency Needs To Seize Moment And Repair Its Governance

The board overseeing California's stem cell agency will elect a new chairman this month to succeed Bob Klein, a moment that offers members an opportunity to correct the agency's dysfunctional management structure.

They must also decide whether to pay Klein's successor nearly a half-million dollars.

Where Do Brokers Fit in New Health Insurance Picture?

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California's health insurance regulations -- aligned this year with federal guidelines -- include a requirement that insurers spend at least 80% of their premium revenue on direct patient care. However, efforts to change provisions of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act could have an effect on how California insurers balance their books -- and on how consumers pay for health coverage.

Google claims it doesn't understand what Do Not Track means

I've just seen what has to be the lamest excuse ever to come out of the Googleplex. Apparently Google hasn't implemented a Do Not Track mechanism on its Chrome browser, because, according to one of the Internet Giant's top privacy lawyers, Keith Enright, the geeks in Mountain View "need more granularity and a more reasonable understanding of what it means to honor [Do Not Track] in a meaningful way."