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Why Are Car Insurance Rates Falling?

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Falling car insurance ratesThat wise-cracking Geico gecko has just been served a heaping slice of humble pie, courtesy of the state of California.

Recently, Geico asked the California Department of Insurance (CDI) for permission to raise rates on drivers by 4 percent. But the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog got a whiff of the proposal and barked.

FCC Deals Setback To AT&T, Qualcomm Spectrum Licensing Deal

The FCC decides to review AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile and Qualcomm spectrum licensing together.

The Federal Communications Commission dealt a blow to network operator AT&T by tying together the company’s proposed acquisition of rival carrier T-Mobile USA with a $1.9 billion deal that would see AT&T acquire some of Qualcomm’s spectrum licenses. The agency sent the letter to AT&T and Qualcomm executives on the last day of the 180-day review.

Consumer Watchdog Warns Regulators Not to Be Fooled Twice by AT&T, Calls For Rejection of Merger with T-Mobile

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

SANTA MONICA, CA --  Consumer Watchdog urged U.S. and California officials yesterday to reject the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile wireless merger, calling to their attention that AT&T made the same promises of lower prices and better services before the Cingular/AT&T merger seven years ago, only to betray those promises after that merger was approved.