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Insurance Brokers Battle For Commissions Under Health Reform Law

WASHINGTON, DC -- In another flashpoint over implementation of federal health reform, insurance brokers are trying to undo a regulation that, they say, has already led to deep cuts in the commissions they earn from selling health care policies.

The issue pits brokers against consumer groups, with state insurance commissioners split on the subject. Connecticut's new insurance commissioner, Thomas B. Leonardi, is among those resisting federal legislation to make sure agents' fees are protected under the health reform law.

Obama Administration Should Halt Health Reform Waivers, Says Consumer Watchdog

Washington, DC –  Consumer Watchdog told the Obama Administration that waivers of consumer protections in the health reform law should be the exception, not the rule, in a letter sent to the Department of Health and Human Services to oppose Anthem’s attempt to evade medical spending rules in New Hampshire.

Insurance Commissioners Back Away From Bill To Pay Brokers More By Raising Health Premiums

Austin, TX -- State insurance commissioners made an unexpected turnabout late Sunday, ending a drive toward support for a special-interest bill that would raise health insurance premiums for consumers. A key committee voted instead to examine in depth the bill sought by insurance brokers and health insurance companies.

Insurance Task Force Punts Brokers' Fee Exemption

Lawmakers pushing to exempt insurance brokers’ fees from a new regulation in the health care law suffered a setback this weekend when the National Association of Insurance Commissioners declined to take action to support the change.

After hearing from consumer groups and insurance agent representatives, a task force set up by the state insurance commissioners essentially punted on the issue, voting Sunday afternoon to ask a committee to report back within four weeks on possible modifications.

Connecticut Is Among States Praised By A Consumer Group For Opposing Bill That "Would Raise Health Insurance Premiums"

A national consumer group says a bill before Congress would increase the price of health insurance by allowing insurers to exclude broker commissions when calculating what portion of premiums is spent on patient medical expenses versus administrative costs. 

NAIC Panel Seeks More Info Before Backing Agent MLR Exemption

State insurance regulators delayed for at least four weeks action on a resolution that would support the demand by insurance agents for an exemption from the medical loss ratio (MLR) provision of the health care reform law.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Professional Health Insurance Advisors Task Force took the action late Sunday. The meeting was held as a prelude to the NAIC Spring Meeting, being held in Austin, Texas this week.

Live-Blog from NAIC: A Semi-Victory for Consumers! UPDATED Monday a.m.

Austin, TX --The chairman of the committee that brought forth the so-called broker bill, and swore to pass it, is now backing away. The efforts of the NAIC's own consumer representatives--and Consumer Watchdog--are paying off. They're literally sending the whole thing back to committee.... likely for a very, very long time! More later, gotta go celebrate.