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Consumer Watchdog calls for White House to distance itself from Google while FTC investigation ensues

Google has admitted it is being investigated by the FTC for gaming its search results to favor Google assets over competitors'. But while the investigation ensues, Google execs continue to enjoy access inside the President's inner circle. Consumer Watchdog has now called for this to change while such criminal investigations are ongoing.

Grave Mistakes in SSA Bring Problems - 14,000 People Wrongly Reported Deceased Annually

(Scripps Howard News Service) WASHINGTON, DC - The Social Security Administration each month falsely reports that nearly 1,200 living Americans have died.

These clerical errors, found in a federal database ominously titled the "Death Master File," might be darkly humorous - evoking Mark Twain's famous quip that death reports can be greatly exaggerated - were not the consequences so severe.

Group Slams White House Google Links

WASHINGTON, June 24 (UPI) -- A consumer group says the White House must distance itself from Google while the company is the subject of a federal antitrust investigation.

Consumer Watchdog, in a letter delivered Friday, asked White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, responsible for overseeing ethics policy, "to rule that the president and other members of the administration must distance themselves from Google until the investigations are concluded," Politico reported.

Google Defends Practices As FTC Launches Antitrust Probe

Google confirmed Friday that the Federal Trade Commission has launched an antitrust investigation of the company, but posted an elaborate defense of its business practices.

"Yesterday, we received formal notification from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that it has begun a review of our business," Google said in a blog post.

Consumer Group Says White House Is Too Friendly With Google

Frequent Google critic Consumer Watchdog wrote to the White House Counsel on Friday arguing that President Obama and other administration officials must distance themselves from Google during pending federal investigations of the search giant.

"It’s unheard of for the President to publicly embrace a corporate executive whose company is under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department," said Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court and Privacy Project Director John Simpson.

Consumer Watchdog Asks White House Counsel To Rule That Administration Must Distance Itself From Google During Probes

WASHINGTON, DC -- Consumer Watchdog has asked the White House Counsel to rule that President Obama and other members of the Administration must distance themselves from Google while the company is the target of serious federal investigations, including a criminal probe into allegations the search giant profited from selling online ads to illegal pharmacies.