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Will Google Maps Camera-Equipped Tricycles Take Pictures Of Our Kids Playground?

Google's grand experiment in photographing the world's places for Google Maps has taken its "street view" cameras off-road with new hi-tech tricycles equipped with 360 degree view cameras to photograph the back roads, parks, college paths and inner sanctums of our world. The engineer's latest design raises the question: What will Google be capturing on its backroad tour that people don't want seen?

Study Commissioned By Blue Shield Supports Hikes In Health Premiums

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A Blue Shield-commissioned study justifying sizable increases in individual insurance rates was released Tuesday to sharp criticism from the state's insurance commissioner and consumer advocates.

The study by actuary David Axene concluded that the planned rate hikes affecting some 200,000 Californians are "reasonable, not excessive" and meet state rules and a federal requirement that 80 percent of premiums be spent on medical expenses.

Man Says Doctor's Orders Trumps Insurers'

Stonebridge challenging the medical necessity of paraplegic plaintiff's 90-day hospital stay.

LOS ANGELES - Thomas Nickerson, a Marine veteran and construction worker, landed in a wheelchair years ago as the result of a snowmobile accident.

So he bought accident insurance coverage in case anything else went wrong. But when he took a spill in his wheelchair exiting a van and broke his leg, he said his accident insurance didn't cover him the way he expected.

'Doodle 4 Google' Gaffe Suggests Company Did Not Live Up To Privacy Commitments Made To End Wi-Spy Probe Consumer Watchdog Tells FTC

WASHINGTON, DC — Google’s latest privacy breach, gathering children’s social security information on a contest entry form, suggests that the Internet giant did not live up to commitments that prompted the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection to end its inquiry into the Wi-Spy incident, Consumer Watchdog said today.

Blue Shield Says Review Supports CA Rate Hikes

Blue Shield of California officials said Tuesday its most recent rate hikes for health insurance policies were not excessive, but a state regulator voiced concern about whether the hikes were necessary.

The San Francisco-based insurer released an actuary's report showing the hikes meet federal and state standards that dictate how much income from premiums must be spent on medical care.

New Plan Saves On Car Insurance – But May Cost In Other Ways

It’s called pay-as-you-drive insurance, and it can save you money. But there’s a big trade-off that makes some folks a little queasy.

Talk about driving a hard bargain: New auto insurance plans offer potentially big discounts if you drive less and better, but only if you can prove it to your insurer’s satisfaction.