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Health Care Measure Seeks Public Option, Rollbacks

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As Republicans try to make President Obama's landmark health care law a key issue in the 2012 election, a leading California consumer rights group wants to shift the debate by offering a groundbreaking state ballot measure calling for a public option, a 20 percent rate rollback and tough oversight of premiums.

Google Shells Out $500M to DoJ Over Shady Drug Ads

The U.S. Department of Justice has settled its beef with Google over drug advertisements from Canadian pharmacies targeting U.S. buyers. The search giant will pay half a billion dollars in the settlement. The figure was based on revenues received by Google as well as the pharmacies involved.

Google has agreed to a US$500 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice for allowing online Canadian pharmacies to place ads through its AdWords program targeting consumers in the United States.

Consumer Watchdog Praises Justice Department For Forcing Google's $500 Million Forfeiture Over Illegal Ads; Settlement Represents Only Tip Of Iceberg, Group Says

SANTA MONICA, CA -- Consumer Watchdog praised the U.S. Justice Department today for forcing Google to forfeit $500 million because it allowed illegal drug ads through its AdWords program, but said the problem of predatory and deceptive advertising on the Internet giant's services continues. Further enforcement action by regulators is needed, the group said.



I want to help with a California ballot measure that will be on the November 2014 statewide ballot, that will make health insurers publicly justify their rate increases before they take effect. Please keep me informed and let me know what I can do.

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