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Federal Govt Releases New Policy on Driverless Cars


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FEATURING JAMIE COURT – The Department of Transportation this week released a long-awaited set of federal policy guidelines on driverless or self-driving cars. The guidelines came just months after a high-profile fatal accident of a Tesla car whose driver was using its autopilot feature.

A number of companies are racing to develop and test driverless cars including Google, Uber, Tesla, Nissan, and others. The industry and government claim that auto-safety and sustainability are at the heart of the push for the new technologies.

Indeed car accidents account for nearly 35,000 deaths annually nationwide. Globally the number is a whopping 1.2 million.

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Jamie Court, President of Consumer Watchdog, author of The Progressive’s Guide To Raising Hell: How To Win Grassroots Campaigns, Pass Ballot Box Laws And Get The Change You Voted For.