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Med-Mal Bill Draws Opposition


Twenty-nine groups, including the Center for Justice & Democracy and Consumer Watchdog, have signed onto a letter that protests H.R. 4771, the HEALTH Act of 2016. The bill establishes a $250,000 cap on compensation for non-economic damages because of medical malpractice, among other measures, and the House Judiciary Committee votes on it this morning.

"This bill would limit the legal rights of injured patients and families of those killed by negligent health care," the letter reads. "Even if these provisions applied only to doctors and hospitals, recent studies clearly establish that its provisions would lead to more deaths and injuries, and increased health care costs due to a 'broad relaxation of care.'" Read the letter:

- Leading conservatives oppose med-mal reform, too. That's according to pundit Dean Clancy, who pulled together a list of fellow conservatives speaking out against proposals to reform the med-mal system.