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Readers Respond: Occupied Over Obamacare


Gene Maddaus' look at Proposition 45 on the Nov. 4 ballot, and whether it could severely complicate the success of the Affordable Care Act, ("In California, Consumer Watchdog's Prop 45 Challenges Obamacare — From the Left" Oct. 31) — created both fury and gratitude. Enduris1 writes, "This article is so disingenuous.  Prop 45 does not 'ATTACK' (as the L.A. Weekly cover had it), or 'challenge' (as the softened, stepped-back web title states), Obamacare. ... It makes good points, but this click-bait, eye-bait propagandistic take is for shame."

Yet another reader, K3ntuckyd3lux3, was thrilled and couldn't express himself without the F-word, writing: "I want to f@#$ing kiss this guy and give him a medal. Finally someone saying and doing something about the REAL problem with ACA. Pure f@#$ing genius. Great article."

Most readers who weighed in, however, were hoping to see Proposition 45 pass, with many citing personal experiences under Obamacare. Jgraff100's insurance premium jumped from $406 in January to $738 in April, four days after open enrollment ended. She says "That's what insurance companies in California can do to you, kids. Don't side with them."