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Posted by Mark Reback
When he took office as California's new treasurer this month, John Chiang (D) issued a warning about rising health care costs for retired state workers: "If we continue to do nothing, we will be sowing the seeds of a future crisis," Chiang said. "The price tag associated with providing health care to retired state workers has...
Posted by admin
While doctors recommend that getting treatment for autistic children is vital, insurance companies and state agencies battled over the bill for treatment. The specific method in question was Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA, one of the most effective treatments for Autism. Lucy Noland reports.
News Release
Posted by Doug Heller
Santa Monica, CA– A California Appellate Court in Los Angeles will consider a long-running dispute at a Tuesday afternoon hearing about insurance companies’ obligations to cover a critical treatment for autistic children.  The case, brought by the non-profit Consumer Watchdog, will also determine if families previously forced to...
Posted by Daniel Palay
Private insurance companies are required to cover an expensive treatment for children with autism, but that same coverage is being denied to children insured under MediCal and CalPers policies. As CBS 2's Randy Paige tells us, a court battle is underway to try and change that.