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Dynamic Pricing

News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
PASADENA, Calif. (CN) – Critics have long charged that Amazon uses deceptive listings to mislead consumers into believing they are receiving steep discounts, and a California man on Wednesday asked the Ninth Circuit to overturn a ruling that sent his class action against the alleged practice to arbitration. In a lawsuit filed in San Diego...
News Release
Posted by John M. Simpson
SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog took the fight against Amazon’s deceptive pricing practices to the state level today after the Federal Trade Commission approved a $14 billion deal for the online retailing giant to buy Whole Foods. The nonpartisan nonprofit public interest group filed petitions asking 11 state attorneys general to...
Posted by Daniel Palay
Online shoppers looking to save money may want to change their web browser settings to avoid "dynamic pricing," a common practice among web retailers looking to maximize revenue.   Retailers track spending habits through "browser cookies," small files automatically downloaded from websites. Previous behavior could be an...