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Holding Oil Accountable

News Story
Posted by Connor
The bucolic orchards of Sutter County north of Sacramento had never seen anything like it: a visiting governor and a media swarm — all to christen the first major natural gas power plant in California in more than a decade. At its 2001 launch, the Sutter Energy Center was hailed as the nation’s cleanest power plant. It generated...
Posted by Connor
Consumer Watchdog and it's coalition partners release report detailing Governor Brown's poor environmental record in addition to his role in the Aliso Canyon natural Gas facility's continued operation.  California has an energy glut in light of Jerry Brown's administrations continued role in the opening of new Natural Gas...
Blog Post
Posted by Jamie Court
Would longtime Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson make the most inappropriate Secretary of State in American history? In 2012, Vladimir Putin was quoted saying to Tillerson, “Mr. Tillerson, I am very happy to see you… This is already our second meeting in a short span of time and there is a good explanation for this: increasingly close...