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Proposition 46

News Release
Posted by Carmen Balber
SANTA MONICA, CA – A new investigative report by KGTV, the ABC affiliate in San Diego, reported on the California Medical Board’s failure to police negligent doctors, like former Chargers team physician Dr. David Chao. KGTV previously reported that Dr. Chao, a known substance-abuser, could be responsible for the May 2012 suicide of...
News Story
Posted by Mark Reback
Following heavy lobbying from both sides, the California Democratic Party’s executive board has voted to endorse Proposition 45, a measure to give the state insurance commissioner regulatory power over health insurance rates. The proposition is one of two causing friction within the Democratic Party, pitting pitting trial lawyers and...
Posted by Mark Reback
Mara Douglas - Bonita, CA Mara Douglas was a devout Catholic, admired in her community for her selflessness and generosity of spirit. After raising three children, she was doting on her two grandchildren. Then her world collapsed. She fell into a medical nightmare and died of pancreatic cancer on January 26, just four months after her diagnosis....